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Reflection: We cannot do it alone; we need God's help

Human beings are subject to weakness and vulnerability.

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As depicted in the story of Adam and Eve in the book of Genesis, we know that humans have a tendency to fall into sin and face the consequences of death. While human beings are inevitably prone to weakness and vulnerability, we also have the capacity to overcome these challenges through faith, self-control, and making good choices. By choosing to do holy things instead of giving in to unholy desires, we can tap into our inherent strength and resilience to overcome the obstacles that life presents to us.

Is it possible for us to always avoid temptation and consistently make good choices? Can we consistently tap into our inherent strength and resilience to overcome the challenges that life presents to us? I believe not.

The tendency towards sin is deeply ingrained in our nature, as stated in Romans 3:23: "for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." No one is able to achieve holiness on their own. The metaphor of a baker and her 100 eggs illustrates this concept well. Even if 99 out of 100 eggs are fine, if the 100th egg is rotten, it will contaminate and ruin the entire batch of dough. One scabbed sheep is enough to spoil the stock, no person can be considered perfect or completely holy. There is always some flaw or imperfection present in every individual.

There is only one entity who is perfect and holy: our God, who came down to earth as Jesus Christ. It is through His sacrifice that salvation and holiness became possible for us. We must realize that we cannot face temptation and overcome our inherent weaknesses on our own. We need the help and strength of God, which we can access through prayer. Despite our own weaknesses and imperfection, we must not give up and continue to pray, because God never gives up on us. Even when we fall and make mistakes, His love and grace remain constant

Through our prayer, we overcome the temptation, not by ourselves but with the help of God.

“Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” Matthew 26:41 (NIV)


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