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IELTS Speaking Test: Sample Questions and Answers Part 1


Q: Do you work or study?

A: I currently work as a tax analyst for the government. I have been in this job since 2020.

Q: What is your job?

A: As a tax analyst in the government, my primary responsibility is to analyze tax data, enforce tax laws, and ensure compliance with tax regulations.

Q: Why did you choose this job?

A: I chose this job because I have a strong sense of public service and a keen interest in taxation. I find it rewarding to help taxpayers understand their tax obligations and maintain compliance.

Q: What do you like about your job?

A: What I particularly like about my job is the opportunity to serve the public and contribute to the overall welfare of society. Additionally, the dynamic nature of tax laws and the constant need to stay updated keeps my work engaging and intellectually stimulating.

Q: What does your typical day look like?

A: A typical day as a tax analyst in the government involves reviewing tax returns, conducting audits, analyzing financial data, and researching tax laws and regulations. Furthermore, I work closely with taxpayers, providing guidance on tax-related matters and addressing any inquiries or disputes.

Q: What are your main responsibilities at work?

A: My main responsibilities include conducting tax audits, assessing tax returns for accuracy and compliance, investigating potential tax fraud or evasion, providing guidance to taxpayers regarding their obligations, and ensuring the fair enforcement of tax laws. I also assist in developing and implementing tax policies and procedures.

Q: If you had a chance, would you change your job?

A: While I find my current role fulfilling, I am always open to new opportunities for professional growth and development. If a compelling opportunity arises within the government or related fields that align with my skills and goals, I would certainly consider it.

Q: Do you prefer to work early in the morning or in the evening?

A: As a tax analyst, my work schedule aligns with standard government office hours. I typically work during regular business hours, which are often during the day. However, certain tasks or deadlines may require flexibility in working hours, including early mornings or evenings, to ensure timely tax compliance and address taxpayer needs.

Q: Have you ever worked on weekends?

A: While working on weekends is not a regular part of my schedule, there may be instances where exceptional circumstances or urgent matters require me to work on weekends. However, the government aims to maintain a healthy work-life balance for its employees, and such instances are typically managed efficiently to minimize the impact on personal time.


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