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Preparation Series: Warming-up Before Public Speaking

This is my second note, and it is much simpler, about warming up before speaking in 'public'. This warm-up routine starts with the neck, face, lips, and tongue. The underlying principle of this warm-up session is to exercise all the relevant muscles for speaking. To illustrate the warm-up, I have included various links for your reference.

1. Neck Warm-Up

Move your neck up, down, left, right, and in a circular way.

2. Face Warm-Up: The Lion and Lemon Face - 5 minutes

Essentially, you create a facial expression with your mouth wide open, resembling a lion's roar, and then tightly close your mouth as if tasting a sour lemon.

You can find instructions for the Lion Lemon face by watching a video here:

3. Lips Warm-Up: The Speed-Boat:

The aim of this warm-up is to relax the lips area before speaking. Make a sound like a speedboat, concentrating on your lips.

4. Tounge Warm-Up: The Motor-Boat:

While the speed-boat exercise helps relax your lips, the 'Motor-Boat' exercise is designed to relax your tongue. Create an 'r' sound with your tongue, similar to the sound of a 'Motor-Boat'.

That's it, everyone. Best of Luck!

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